The Hidden Talent of Modern Music


In addition to being a video games enthusiast, I also fancy myself something of a connoisseur of modern music. I haven’t been collecting music nearly as long as I have video games, but in hindsight, I’m surprised how eclectic my library became over the years. At first, I went for all of the big-name artists I could think of having learned about a majority of them in a History of Rock and Roll class. Then, after spending some time reading the reviews of certain artists and albums from various critics and publications, I then started discovering more obscure acts.

I had always listened to music in the car, but I never strayed far from oldies stations, which naturally play nothing but the popular music of yesteryear. While most of them are indeed good songs, those stations are merely scratching the surface and many great artists have never been picked up by them. Some cases are understandable; after all, bands with predilections for lengthy, symphonic compositions generally don’t see much airplay for obvious reasons. Similarly, as is the case with other mediums, experimental works tend to require an investment to fully appreciate – usually more than the average deejay is willing to offer.

That brings us to this series. My goal is to talk briefly about various artists I have discovered and share them with my readers. I hope you discover something interesting.

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