Sunshine Blogger Award from The Brink of Gaming

Before I get started, I have an announcement to make. I recently decided to create a Twitter account. I can’t guarantee I’ll be particularly active on it; I mostly intend to use it to post minor updates that wouldn’t be enough for an entire post on WordPress (i.e. when I’m finished with a review and have begun editing it or if I’ve seen a recently released film). It can be found here.

With that out of the way, I find myself tagged once more – this time courtesy of Andrew over at The Brink of Gaming. He started his blog relatively recently, and has written some pretty interesting stuff so far, so you should check it out. Anyway, he asked eleven questions, so let’s get right to it.

  1. We’re back in the 90s: are you Team Mario or Team Sonic?

In the real life nineties, I was on Team Mario. After discovering Sonic’s games, I wouldn’t change my mind. Mario’s best games are better while the worst his franchise has to offer is still perfectly playable. It’s true there have been terrible games made with his brand such as Mario is Missing, Hotel Mario, or Mario’s Time Machine, but unlike, say Sonic R or Sonic Drift, you can take solace in the fact that those three games weren’t made by their original creators. Plus, Mario is a much more timeless character, effortlessly proving his continued relevance more than three decades after he was created while Sonic has largely failed to do the same.

  1. Which of the four seasons is your favorite, and why?

Summer. I like warm weather and there is generally much more energy during this season than in any other.

  1. What is your favorite horror movie monster/villain?

I have to admit I haven’t watched that many horror films, though I’d go with a classic to answer this question: Freddy Krueger. The idea of a serial killer being able to infiltrate one’s dream and kill them that way is rather terrifying.

  1. You are given the opportunity to join either the Jedi, the Witchers, or become a Pokémon Trainer: which do you choose?

Probably the Jedi. Sure, there’s the risk of losing a limb, but Star Wars technology would have my back in case something went wrong.

  1. What is your favorite movie of all time?

Oh, that’s a tough one. I couldn’t pick one as of this writing, so I’ll go with the following sampling of my all-time favorites instead. High and Low, Fargo, Memento, Pulp Fiction, The Empire Strikes Back, The Big Lebowski, the Three Colors trilogy, Yojimbo, and Aliens are the ones that really stuck out in my mind.

  1. What type of music do you listen to the most?

I actually listen to a great variety of music. Whether it’s rock, hip-hop, metal, jazz, electronica, or any wacky combination musicians can think of as long as it’s a high-quality product, you can expect me to give a given album a shot. In fact, I believe growing up with video games is a major reason why I have such an eclectic taste in music now.

  1. You are hired to write a daily blog about whatever topic you want, but it can only be one topic. What do you choose?

Games, natch.

  1. Left Twix or Right Twix?

I don’t think you could go wrong with either.

  1. Cats or dogs?

I am definitely a cat person – always have been.

  1. A zombie enters your room and the item to your right becomes your only defense against it. Do you survive?

Yes, because despite what The Walking Dead would have you believe, zombies really aren’t too much of a hassle. A real-life invasion would fail quickly.

  1. What is your long-term goal as a blogger? Earning a living? Personal fulfillment? Or something else entirely?

Around the time I started this review site, I was not satisfied with the state of gaming criticism or gaming journalism. The mainstream opinions were (and still are) too controlled by developers and publishers. Meanwhile, independent voices tended to have a sophomoric, immature quality to them. They couldn’t form any opinion against the popular notion without expressing contempt for those who didn’t agree with them. I relent it’s entirely possible these attitudes were meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but they had problems making the distinction clear.

I therefore decided to throw my hat in the ring in 2014 to serve as an antithesis to the medium’s critical circle. I would try to issue challenging opinions without coming across as hostile. At first, I stuck to reviewing obscure games while only reviewing popular ones if I wished to express a contrarian opinion. I then later realized the value of writing reviews that agreed with the consensus. After all, with hype being as prevalent as it is, having somebody go out and verify if it’s warranted is very helpful – and that’s not even getting into the tricky subject of whether or not a classic has stood the test of time. Since then, there’s not much of a limit to the kinds of games I review, and it has proven to be a fun hobby, so my answer is “personal fulfillment”.

Here are the questions I’ve drummed up this time:

  1. Have you ever watched a critically acclaimed show only to feel it didn’t live up to the hype?
  2. After truly getting into the medium and observing the many times film critics failed to see eye-to-eye with fans, I’ve come down to the conclusion that the former faction could stand to improve themselves. How do you think they should go about doing that?
  3. What is the most obscure album in your collection?
  4. What film do you consider “So bad it’s good”?
  5. What do you think the ideal length of a game should be?
  6. Have you ever cleared a game while traveling abroad?
  7. What is your favorite decade in films?
  8. What game do you feel doesn’t get enough credit?
  9. What lesson do you think film fans could learn from gamers?
  10. What good work do you feel had a negative impact on its respective medium?
  11. What bad work do you feel had a positive impact on its respective medium?

The nominees are:

Thanks once again for the nod, Andrew!

41 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award from The Brink of Gaming

  1. Ooooh thanks for nominating me! 🙂 I’m like you when it comes to music. I end listening to a whole variety of things. The only factor is really whether or not it sounds good to me 😛

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    • You’re welcome! Hope you enjoy answering the questions.

      You know, it’s interesting because before becoming a music fan, I took the critical consensuses at face value and assumed the sixties and seventies were the best decades in music. After becoming one, I realized the nineties is at least as good as the seventies while the eighties could actually claim to be better than the sixties; it was a practical golden age for indie rock. Considering the eighties marked the end of classic rock, it makes me wonder how much of the critical consensuses could be attributed to sour grapes.

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      • It’s a wholly subjective thing to me. For example I really can’t stand 80s cheesy dance music but I’m literally the only person I know. Everyone else loves it and laments the loss of that age.

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  2. Interesting answers all around. I only got to watch Fargo and The Big Lebowski recently (this year) and they are fantastic movies indeed. Congrats on the much deserved award and thanks for the nomination! =D

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  3. Congratulations and thanks for the nomination! I’ll get to answering these questions soon.

    Pulp Fiction is a great movie, definitely one of my favorites. I’ve been on a Quentin Tarantino kick lately (seems to happen every other year) and, as predictable as it sounds, that has to be my favorite of his movies. Resevoir Dogs, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill and The Hateful 8 are also really great though. But Pulp Fiction is a top 15, possibly top 10 film for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No problem! Hope you like the questions I chose.

      I have little doubt that between the Tarantino films I’ve seen that Pulp Fiction is easily the best one. Granted, I’ve only seen four by this point, but I think I would stand by that assessment even if I saw his entire filmography. Maybe you could write a list ranking his films.

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      • I do like the questions!

        I’ve been thinking about doing just that! I plan to review his (directorial) filmography soon. Still deciding to review Kill Bill as one or two films, however. Thankfully, he’s one of those directors that, despite being an all-time great, has directed a countable number of films, so a ranking should be too hard in terms of numbering. As great as Spielberg and Scoresese are, they’ve done so many movies that the idea of doing a ranking of them is a “no ma’am” kind of thing for me. Maybe a top 10, but not a complete ranking.

        I’ve seen all 8 (9, if you count Kill Bill being spliced in two) of his films. Most of them multiple times. The only one I’d say I’m not too keen on is Deathproof, though I also find Inglorious Basterds to be a bit overrated in some respects.

        I’ve also been considering making my top 10 favorite films for every decade I’ve been alive (including the 80s, even though I was born towards the end of 1989, how could I pass up the 80s?), and Pulp Fiction is a strong contender for my favorite of the 90s.

        Anyway, yeah, I plan on reviewing and ranking his films soon. I should also wrap up Miyazaki’s filmography soon, seeing as I only have 3 of his 11 directed feature films left to review (not counting his out-of-retirement-for-the-umpteenth-time “final” film coming out in 2020). As I’ve stated, Miyazaki is my favorite filmmaker, but Tarantino is probably in my top 5, so I’d definitely like to do rankings for their films when I get the chance. My top 10 favorite filmmakers is another list I’ve been thinking about…but I guess I just spoiled the ending…

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  4. Awesome answers, as usual. 🙂 I never really thought about the connection between video game music and the variety of music that I listen to, but you make a good point. There are so many different soundtracks and genres across so many systems and games that it’s almost certainly going to broaden your horizons musically.

    Also, welcome to Twitter! Active or not, I look forward to seeing some of your updates (given I’ve been having a tough time keeping up on WP recently).

    Thanks for the nod, and hope all’s well!

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    • I think that’s why the current generation seems so open about what constitutes good music; they’ve heard it all playing video games. Back in the day, you had to actively seek it out, making it easy to stay in one’s comfort zone.

      Thanks! A major reason I decided to create it was indeed to let those more active on that site know what I’m up to. Plus, if I review a trending game, I can use the appropriate hashtags.

      Yeah, everything’s well. I’ve been making a lot of progress on my Breath of the Wild review. How about you?


  5. Oh I like these questions. They’re head scratchers! Your reasons for game blogging match with mine, though I’m not wholly a game blogger. I found there was a dearth of good criticism or at least the kind that I was looking for. A lot of it just came off as super shallow and definitely immature. I think a lot of that also has to do with gaming being the youngest type of media out there so bloggers and critics are still figuring out *how* to talk about them.

    What the hell is the left Twix right Twix thing?? I mean I get it’s a marketing ploy, but it seems pretty silly.

    I’m totally a cat person, too, but I also love dogs?? Cats are much easier to take care of, which I can say with some experience since we dog sat my in laws’ little puff balls (Pomeranians) last week. Not having to walk a creature twice a day is so convenient. I think if I had a house or lived on the first floor, it wouldn’t be as pressing. Dogs are pretty amazing creatures; I just don’t have the time or energy for one at this point. Cats are so low maintenance 🙂

    Thanks for the nomination!

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    • I’m glad you like the questions. I chose the one about film fans learning from gamers because I would actually have to say they’re ahead of the curve in some aspects – even if that wildly flies in the face of what the general public perceives.

      The fact that gaming criticism had such little respect for its own medium is exactly what I sought to address in my own reviews. I think an understated problem is that a lot of the time, their reasons for liking/hating games boils down to “because I say so”. That approach works somewhat in film and music (in fact, for the latter, it’s pretty much your only approach), but with video games, you almost always need material evidence to back up your claims.

      That was a marketing ploy? I never heard of it outside of this question.

      Cats are great. Dog people dismiss them as aloof, but that just indicates to me that they’ve never owned a cat at any point.

      You’re welcome!

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      • I see a LOT of tropes used in games in movies nowadays. I don’t know if it’s coincidence or just certain things float around in the zeitgeist at certain times. Hollywood tends to be behind in trends though only because it takes so long to make a movie.

        Omg yes, they had commercials and a website about which side you’d choose. It was ridiculous.

        Cats just socialize differently! They communicate differently from dogs, and many dog people don’t understand that so they see them as mean and sneaky when they’re really not. I usually find cat people more likely to be into dogs than the opposite. I love them both, but prefer cats right now due to convenience.

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  9. I have now followed you on Twitter. Don’t expect much activity from me over there though, as I use the site sparingly. Like you I am fond of summer’s warmer temperatures. Yesterday it rained so I know the heat won’t last much longer. Nooooo.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, thanks! I’ll return the favor. And I get you there; I mostly intend to use it to post minor updates and links to my latest reviews/ramblings. I assure you that I will not use it to have a meltdown. That is to say, you will not see me pull a Phil Fish.

      And yeah, summer’s great, isn’t it? It’s raining here too, so the season is winding down. At least the Halloween season is pretty cool.

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  10. Whoa! Congrats on another award. I’ve been on a social media break for health reasons, but I just followed you on Twitter. I wasn’t a fan of the whole tweeting thing at first, but it turned into my favourite social media platform. You can find cool people and gamer communities on there that will hopefully appreciate your awesome website content.

    Thank you for the nomination! I’ll happily add it to my Blogging To Do list 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, that’s too bad. I hope your recovery isn’t too stressful. I might use it whenever I clear a game or see a film, though I’ll try my best not to tip my hand. Thanks for the follow! I’ll be sure to return the favor.

      Hope you like answering these questions!

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