March 2021 in Summary: Oscar Rush

Those who have been reading my writings for awhile know that I have made it a tradition to review every Oscar-nominated film before ranking them from worst to best. That is something I intend to uphold this year, although admittedly, it’s going to be much trickier due to the fact that it involves sifting through various streaming services seeing as how theaters aren’t exactly appealing right now. Nonetheless, I’ll try to make it work, and I already have at least one review ready to go.

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September 2020 in Summary: Roundabout

“We tried to include an ‘Ego’ meter on this card, but the original prints ended up being heavy enough to smother a blue whale.”

For the record, I was criticizing Naughty Dog way before it was cool. In fact, it was back in September of 2013 that my extreme disappointment in the first The Last of Us caused me to form strong opinions of the games I played, which, in turn, eventually resulted in the creation of this site, so don’t forget to thank Naughty Dog for making this all possible. And then, seven years later, the sequel managed to disappoint a much larger portion of the audience. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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