Special Posts

From Worst to Best: When I completed my Zelda retrospective, I capped it off with a list ranking the series’ installments from worst to best. Any other article that follows a similar format will be linked here.

Top 10: These kinds of lists make for a nice change of pace, don’t they? Whenever I feel like making a top ten list, the results will appear here. Unlike in my “From Worst to Best” articles, I will not reveal the scores I award each work.

100th Game Review Special: At the end of 2017, I had reviewed 100 games in total. To celebrate, I ranked all 100 games from worst to best. Please note that my opinion of some of these games have changed slightly since I originally posted this special.

150th Game Review Special: November of 2018 saw me finish my 150th game review. In celebration, I ranked the games I reviewed since my last milestone from worst to best.

200th Game Review Special: October of 2019 saw me finish my 200th game review. As usual, I celebrated by ranking the games I reviewed from worst to best.

Editorials: These are pretty much what you would expect. Any essay dealing with a complicated subject I find interesting will end up here.

A Question for the Readers: Sometimes, I like to ask my readers what of their own experiences on this site. The various questions I’ve proposed along with the answers can be read here.

Miscellaneous posts: Any special post that doesn’t fit in any of the above categories will end up here.