A Question for the Readers #18: Phony-ing It In

Monetary transactions should be a no-brainer, right? Someone has something you want, you pay them money, and they will turn over ownership of the item to you in exchange. However, things aren’t always that simple. Sometimes, the proprietor runs into a shipping error or perhaps they oversold their stock. Then there are times in which it turns out the item you purchased was, in some way, a fake. I know I have, on occasion run into situations in which I have come across some less-than-scrupulous sellers.

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A Question for the Readers #5: Abandon Ship!

Special thanks to Mr. Wapojif for making the comment that inspired this question.

As a gaming critic, I make an effort to finish the games I review. Indeed, one of the biggest problems with criticism in this medium is that I could tell in many instances that the writers did not finish the games before reviewing them.  On some level this is understandable. It takes much more time and effort to complete the average game than it does to watch even the longest (non-experimental) films all the way through. However, at the end of the day, reviewing a game before making it to the halfway point – especially when the story is at all important – would be like if a film critic left the theater thirty minutes in and wrote a review based off of what they saw.

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