September 2021 in Summary: Monochrome

Donkey Kong Land - Ship

2020 was a pretty lousy year, but if it’s thing I did like about it, it’s that, because I was working from home, I didn’t have to deal with the annual cold season. And then I ended up working in an office these past few months and was reminded of how much I did not miss getting a cold when I got a particularly persistent one a few weeks ago. I’m over it now, fortunately.

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Donkey Kong Land 2

Donkey Kong Land 2

Donkey Kong Country 2 was released in November of 1995. Much like its predecessor, it was a critical and commercial success. It became the sixth bestselling game on its platform, the Super NES. In fact, it was the single bestselling game on that console to not be packaged with the system. Meanwhile, developers at Rare had another success on their hands in the form of Donkey Kong Land, a Game Boy counterpart to the original Donkey Kong Country. As Donkey Kong Land sold over three-million copies, a sequel was inevitable. The game was finished and subsequently launched in North America in September of 1996 before seeing a broader release in Japan and Europe the following November. With Donkey Kong Country 2 being a massive improvement over its direct predecessor, how does its Game Boy counterpart fare?

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