Fighting with My Family (Stephen Merchant, 2019)

Ten-year-old Zak Knight watches the WWF King of the Ring pay-per-view event. Unfortunately for him, his younger sister, Saraya, comes in and switches the channel to Charmed, her favorite television program. Not one to take this indiscretion lying down, he begins wrestling with his sister – the winner chooses what to watch. Their parents, Rick and Julia, then come in and are summarily appalled at their subpar technique and suggest better ones. Over the years, the two of them fight in many local wrestling matches, adopting the names Zak Zodiac and Britani Knight. Partly because Rick and Julia are struggling financially, they have been constantly calling WWE trainer Hutch Morgan about signing Zak and Saraya up so their children may prosper. Morgan agrees to hold a tryout before a SmackDown taping, though he tells Saraya to come up with a different ring name, for they “already have a Britani”. Inspired by the show she loved as a kid, she settles on Paige.

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