Rushmore (Wes Anderson, 1998)

Max Fischer is a prodigy, for he is able to solve an equation that left his geometry teacher’s mentor utterly stumped. As promised, he never has to crack open a textbook for the rest of his tenure at Rushmore Academy – or so he believes. Unfortunately for him, reality comes knocking at the door, waking him up from his dream. In reality, Max Fischer is an eccentric 15-year-old scholarship student. He’s quite the paradoxical individual, for he participates in an astounding number of extracurricular activities, yet Dr. Guggenheim, the school’s headmaster, considers him the school’s worst student; his grades do nothing to assuage this assessment.  At one school assembly, Max meets the disillusioned Herman Blume, and the two of them strike up an unlikely friendship. Meanwhile, Max develops an obsession with Rosemary Cross, a widowed teacher who has recently arrived at the school. The next few months will stretch both relationships to their absolute limits.

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