Once Again Tagged by AK of Everything is Bad for You


In what appears to be something of a running joke, I have been tagged once more by AK of Everything is Bad for You. Glad you’ve been enjoying my content that much! The rules are the same as they’ve ever been. First, the tagger asks a variety of questions. From there, I answer them, and then I provide questions of my own for other site owners. And away we go!

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Real Neat Blogger Award from Frostilyte

I’ve been tagged twice in the same week! This time, the responsible party is Frostilyte, who runs a blog of the same name. It’s really worth checking out, I’d say – especially if you’re into gaming. This time, I’ve been tagged with the Real Neat Blogger Award. For those unfamiliar with it, it’s basically the Sunshine Blogger Award except not. I say that because I was asked seven questions all the same, so let’s jump right in.

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Responding to My Real Neat Blogger Award Nomination

Well, I find myself tagged once more – this time by Gary, who runs a blog called Art of Redress. It’s a great blog with a lot of interesting articles about gaming in its formative years. I learned several interesting facts from reading them. Anyway, here are the questions I was made to answer.

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