Looper (Rian Johnson, 2012)

In the year 2044, a twenty-five-year-old man named Joe works for a Kansas City crime syndicate. People in his link of work are called loopers. They could be considered assassins except for one key difference: they don’t seek out victims; they’re sent to them. Because tracking systems in the future make disposing of a body nigh impossible, the syndicate uses time travel to send the condemned to the present for the loopers to kill. Joe’s life reaches a decisive moment when his older self appears before him.

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Knives Out (Rian Johnson, 2019)

On his 85th birthday, mystery novelist Harlan Thrombey invites his family to his mansion in the state of Massachusetts. Things take a turn for the worse when the wealthy novelist is found dead with his throat slit. The police believe it to have been suicide, but in order to get to the bottom of things, an anonymous person hires a private eye by the name of Benoit Blanc to investigate. As the mystery unfolds, a picture will be painted of a dysfunctional family, and in the middle of this strife stands a nurse named Marta Cabrera.

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Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi (Rian Johnson, 2017)

WARNING: The very premise of this film contains spoilers for the series thus far.

Starkiller Base has been destroyed, but the First Order continues their campaign undaunted. Having disposed of the Republic, Supreme Leader Snoke has deployed his forces in order to subjugate the galaxy. The only thing standing in their way is General Leia Organa’s Resistance fighters. Although certain that her brother will rejoin the fight and light a spark of hope in the Resistance, their existence has been exposed. It is only a matter of time before Snoke’s forces overwhelms the Resistance.

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