Widows (Steve McQueen, 2018)

Harry Rawlings, a highly skilled thief, has planned a heist against the Chicago crime boss Jamal Manning. Helping him are three partners: Carlos, Florek, and Jimmy. Things take an unfortunate turn when the four of them perish in an explosion during a shootout with the police. Veronica Rawlings, the widow of Harry, is now being threatened by Jamal. As the wife of Harry, she must repay him the two-million dollars lost in the botched heist. As it turns out, Jamal needs this money to finance an electoral campaign for alderman of a South Side precinct. His opponent is Jack Mulligan, the son of the incumbent alderman, Tom Mulligan. As luck would have it, Veronica has found the notebook of her deceased husband, Harry. It contains a detailed plan of what was to be his next heist. Realizing she is running out of time, Veronica bands together with the other recently-widowed woman, determined to appease the powerful crime boss.

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